Frequently Asked Questions

Though we prefer to have ongoing relationships with our clients to ensure what we discuss is implemented, we do occasionally work with some clients on an hourly planning basis. These sessions are normally one or two meetings, and a time estimate will be provided before you engage our services.

Fiduciary is derived from the Latin fiducia, meaning “trust”, and means that we have the legal and moral obligation to put your needs and interests before our own. This means we have to do what is best for you at all times. Although this seems like what a professional should normally do, not all advisors are held to this standard.

Financial advice is personal and tailored to the individual. Having a Christian financial advisor who shares a common worldview, enables them to better understand your priorities and what you are hoping to accomplish. A Christian financial advisor understands the role of a Biblical steward, and seeks to apply Biblical wisdom to your situation, thereby helping you manage the finances the Lord has entrusted to you in a way that will glorify Him.

Though we have a physical office in Newtown Square, PA, technology enables us to work with clients all over the United States. If you don’t mind working virtually, we are available via phone, e-mail and video calls.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is considered the gold standard amongst financial designations. It means that the advisor has passed a rigorous exam, is held to the fiduciary standard and agrees to abide by a code of conduct. You can learn more here.

You can learn more about our pricing on the Services page.

A Certified Kingdom Advisor® is one who has received training to integrate Biblical wisdom into modern financial planning. Being a Certified Kingdom Advisor also provides a network of like-minded professionals who can help one another address client needs. You can learn more here.

If you are a committed Christian, desiring to honor God with what He has given you, and either don’t have the time, interest or ability to manage your finances, we may be a fit for you.

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