Ongoing Financial Planning & Asset Management

Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning looks at all aspects of your financial life to ensure that your finances are working in unison to help you reach your goals. Biblical wisdom is the underpinning of this process, and focuses on the following core principles:

  1. God owns it all

  2. Live below your means

  3. Avoid debt

  4. Give generously

  5. Save for the future

  6. Provide for your family in a responsible manner 

As we work through our process, you will be provided with a list of action items to work on, and we will help hold you accountable on completing these tasks. 

As your financial circumstances will change over time, we are available to help with any questions or adjustments. All asset management relationships include comprehensive financial planning at no additional cost.

Asset Management

In light of what is uncovered through our financial planning discussions, your investments are adjusted to align them with your goals. This includes discussing how much risk you are willing to take, what types of investments you do or do not want to own and when you will need the funds. Reviewing this at least annually helps keep you on track to meet your goals.

Our investment philosophy:

  1. Low cost – as costs matter, we try to utilize lower cost options

  2. No one knows the future – so we don’t put all your eggs in one basket

  3. Long term perspective – what the market does next quarter or next year is not as important as what it does over the next 10 plus years.

  4. Build gradually – invest consistently over time

Pricing – a flat percentage on the amount of assets managed, that is deducted quarterly from the client’s account(s) per the following schedule:

Assets Under Management


First $2 million

.25% per quarter (1% per year)

Next $2 million

.20% per quarter (.80% per year)

Above $4 million

.15% per quarter (.60% per year)

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