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Financial Thoughts From a Biblical Perspective

Why Are My Medicare Premiums So High?

If your income is too high, you will pay higher Medicare premiums. The good news is that it isn’t permanent, but requires planning. Read on to understand IRMAA and how to limit it’s impact.

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Are You Rich?

You may not feel rich, but you probably are. This post defines what rich is, what the Bible has to say to those with wealth and some tips on how to live life in light of that responsibility.

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How To Establish A Firm Financial Foundation

How does a Christian build a firm financial foundation, while depending on the Lord? This post looks at some of the practical steps to help maintain a balance between relying on the Lord and being responsible with what He has provided.

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Should Christians Invest?

Investing can seem complicated, scary and a lot like gambling. Do Christians really need to invest? This post looks at what the Bible says to help you be a wise steward of what He has entrusted you with.

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5 Ways To Save Money

Finding cheaper alternatives for products you are already using can yield meaningful savings. Here are five ways to reduce your expenses that may be a help to you and your family.

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What Is A Trust (And Do I Need One)?

Have you ever wondered if you needed a trust? A trust can make sense in certain situations, but is not a one size fits all solution. This post takes a high level look at what a trust is, reasons for establishing one and some important points to consider as you weigh your options.

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How to Cultivate Biblical Contentment

Do you struggle with being content? If so, you aren’t alone. Many Christians struggle to be content in our culture. Read on to learn how to cultivate Biblical contentment in your life.

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Will My Retirement Income Be Enough?

Establishing a retirement income plan can help you be prepared to meet your income needs, while preserving assets for the future, Read on to learn more about the important areas to consider as you develop your retirement income plan.

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What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Have you ever considered how to pay for long-term care if you needed it? One potential option to consider is long-term care insurance. This post discusses the types of long-term care insurance, how they work and important points to consider.

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