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Financial Thoughts From a Biblical Perspective

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Should A Christian Business Tithe?

A business can be the largest asset you have, but should you be giving off what it makes? This post delves into the Biblical principles and practical implications for Christian business owners to consider.

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Are You Rich?

You may not feel rich, but you probably are. This post defines what rich is, what the Bible has to say to those with wealth and some tips on how to live life in light of that responsibility.

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donor advised fund

What Is A Donor Advised Fund?

Donor Advised Funds are a valuable charitable giving tool. This post examines how they work, when they can be beneficial to use and important points to be aware of and consider.

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qualified charitable distribution

How Can I Give From My IRA?

Did you know that you can give out of your IRA and potentially lower your taxes? If you are charitably inclined, you will want to learn more about how Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD’s) work, who they may benefit and the potential pitfalls to avoid.

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How Much Should I Give?

Giving is a blessing and unique opportunity to use what God has entrusted to us, to serve HIs purposes. This post explores what the Bible has to say about giving and how to apply it to our lives today.

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biblical stewardship

What Is Biblical Stewardship?

Biblical stewardship should be a priority in our lives, but what does that really mean in the 21st century? Read on to learn more about how to effectively manage what God has entrusted to you.

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